Show Descriptions

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  • A Brush With Death

    A Brush With Death

    Attend the premier showing of work by up-and-coming new artist Sketch Framefiller. Some say that Sketch's work is to die for. You'll get the "impression" that things aren't always what they seem. What or who exactly IS the subject of his most famous painting?

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  • Code Word: Murder

    Code Word: Murder

    Welcome aboard the Carolina Express. It is 1965 and North Carolina is a hotbed for international espionage and intrigue. Spies are everywhere. One of the passengers could be the notorious head of VULTR (Villainous Underground Louses, Thugs and Rogues). Beware!

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  • Country Fried Caper

    Country Fried Caper

    Some of the biggest "wannabes" in Country Music take a big detour from their "Race with the Stars" tour when the bus mysteriously breaks down near your party. Jealousies simmer, a love-crazed fan has tagged along, and even the stars' personal psychic can't see what's coming. You'll need to have all your wits about you because the bus driver has only brought about half of his!

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  • Cruisin' For Clues

    Cruisin' For Clues

    Welcome aboard the U.S.S. Mystery of the Sea, the premier cruise line for those who seek adventure. Your fellow passengers include the matriarch of the Manypenny family and her long-lost love; the heir to a meat empire and his fun-loving girlfriend; a duke and duchess from a small country you’ve never heard of, and a perky activities director who makes sure that everything is in ship shape. Luggage is not the only baggage onboard. Beware of scandal, revenge and murder …

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  • Death by Disco

    Death By Disco

    Return to the late 1970's for an evening of disco, dancing, and possibly death. You're here to attend a Disco dance contest where the stakes are high. It's possible that some of the assembled entrants have more than dancing on their minds. So, put on your platforms, unleash your leisure suit, and get ready to hustle to the beat.

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  • Fan of the Soap Opera

    Fan of the Soap Opera

    You will be the envy of all your friends, as you have been given the opportunity to be a member of the studio audience gathered to watch a rare live taping of America's favorite soap opera - "All My Days and Restless Nights on the Edge of Oblivion." What happens behind the scenes of the show featuring jealousy, cheating, lying, deceit and murder? Will life imitate art?

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  • Kill the Music

    Kill the Music

    You're part of a select audience for the return of one of the great "one hit wonder" Girl Groups, "Rhapsody and the Romantics" as they kick off their big reunion tour. But be on the lookout! Among the fans and groupies, there's somebody who wants one of the singers to retire permanently! A "roadie" in the crew hopes to turn detective, but you'll have to help him out with your own notes.

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  • Lights, Camera, Murder

    Lights, Camera, Murder

    The stars are turning out for this year's Gimme Awards, and one will turn up dead before the emcee gets through his monologue. Poisonous glares aren't the only things flying around tonight! And some lost films are better left that way. Have your autograph books handy. You may have a real collector's item before someone makes a dramatic entrance and exit!

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  • Motivation for Murder

    Motivation for Murder

    Personal Motivator Will N. Lighten brings his self-improvement seminar to town. But the way things are going, he should take some of his own advice. You'll have to pay attention to all the in-fighting, back-biting, power-play and hanky-panky going on behind the scenes. Because this staff is due to be down-sized in a drastic manner. And the cheap detective who's been shadowing the group is going to find himself out of his league.

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  • Party to a Murder

    Party to a Murder

    You're invited to share in the joy as a lovely Southern debutante announces her engagement... that is, if you can find any joy in this party! It's "Old Money" meets "New Greed" as Daddy squares off with the "Pool Boy", a distinguished guest is haunted by a ghost from the South Seas, and you encounter one of the ugliest murder weapons you'll ever see!

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  • Rip Roaring Revenge

    Rip Roaring Revenge

    Looking for the best speakeasy in town? Look no further than Big Pauly’s Magnolia Club where the jazz is hot and the gin is cool, and the guests are some of the most colorful characters around. A movie star, an aviatrix, a radio queen, a band leader, the mayor, a mobster and a G-man with a secret will greet you when you arrive. Make sure you haven’t been tailed. Tell ‘em Big Pauly sent you.

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  • The Write Way to Commit Murder

    The Write Way to Commit Murder

    Welcome to an evening of delicious food, fine wine and a stimulating discussion of the written word.  Our host, Barnaby Beanblossom, has gathered some of the leading authors to join us for a literary feast.  Meet fan fiction darlings, Zanzibar Newton and Caressa Bedham, and Strike Cerulean, master of science fiction.  Mystery writer, Agatha Throckbottom will be here, as will Carlie Canfield, author of the Game of Drones series.

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