Rip Roaring Revenge

Written by Susanne Arrington
Directed by Marjorie Strauss
Produced by It's A Mystery

Shhhhh! Look before you leap. Check around every corner. Make sure you are not being tailed. Now, come on in to the best party in town. Big Pauly’s Magnolia Club is the best speakeasy in the state and everyone is dying to get in. If you are looking to get spifflicated, intoxicated, or to get a hold of some giggle water, this is the place. Earl Chesterfield and his orchestra will be providing toe-tapping music so you can Charleston throughout the night. Raise a glass with radio hostess, Maisy Monroe. Get your picture taken with movie star Mimi Allmine. Thrill to the stories told by well-known stunt pilot, Cornelia Earnhardt. And get to know our colorful mayor, Leonard “Buddy” Ledbetter.

With this eclectic group of guests, one never knows what will happen. In the event of a shocking crime, it will be up to you and your table of fellow sleuths to discover who could commit such an evil deed. So, think of a clever name for your table, er, detective agency and listen carefully for clues. At the designated time, your agency will be asked to formulate a question that your delegated chief detective will ask a suspect. Once all tables have completed their questioning, each detective agency will submit a solution sheet indicating “who done it” and why. The first agency to name the most correct motive and culprit wins.


Big Pauly Alto

Big Pauly is the proprietor of The Magnolia Club and king pin of the Alto crime family. He is not afraid to push his weight around and is feared by most and the target of many. Will he finally be able to live in harmony with the inhabitants of this fair city, or will tonight be his final curtain?

Mimi Allmine

Everyone knows Mimi. She’s the star of many silent movies. What everyone doesn’t know is that Mimi has a voice that could stop a clock and secrets that could cause her to serve time. Watch out to see if the top of the hour means no more seconds for this lady of intrigue.

Mayor Leonard Lester Ledbetter

Mayor Buddy Ledbetter has presided over this town for as long as anyone can remember and has more connections than the switchboard at City Hall. If you are not in his pocket or on his payroll yet, you will be soon or you will be no more. Is his campaign trail about to come to an end?

Earl Chesterfield

Known for their smooth jazz and lively beats, the Earl Chesterfield Orchestra has traveled far and wide performing for crowds of adoring fans. Always on the lookout for ways to make a buck, Earl has developed a thriving business supplying Caribbean rum to speakeasies in our state. What else has he smuggled into the building? Is his career about to go up in smoke?

Maisy Monroe

As the popularity of radio has blossomed, Maisy has taken to the airways as an entertaining hostess and spokesperson for her special line of discreet containers. She will be glad to tell you all about them. Is she about to pull the plug on her competition, or will her time slot soon be nothing but dead air?

Cornelia Earnhardt

Aviatrix and stunt pilot, Cornelia, is always ready for adventure, that’s why she added the vocation of smuggler to her business card. Her plane is always ready. Is she about to take someone for their final ride, or is she about to crash and burn?

Chet Elliott

Federal agent Chet Elliott has been trying to shut down Pauly’s operation for months. Each time he gets close, Pauly moves his club. Is tonight his lucky night? Is he going to finally put an end to bootlegging, or will he show off his gorgeous legs in a memorable review?

rip roaring revenge