Fan of the Soap Opera

Written by Susanne Arrington
Directed by Marjorie Strauss
Produced by It's A Mystery

The cast and crew of America's favorite soap opera, All My Days and Restless Nights on the Edge of Oblivion, are in town to film several episodes. You are now the envy of the show's fans, as you have been given the opportunity to participate in a rare taping in front of a studio audience. You will have the opportunity to meet the stars of the show: red-hot Christina Carlucci, regal Charlotte Queensbury, sparkling and effervescent Tiffany Topaz, magnetic Lance Spearmint, and spirited Reggie Reggae, as well as the director, Stan Stillman. Another treat is the chance to meet fellow fans of "Oblivion." Some have come great distances to see their idols up close and personal. So, grab your autograph books and cameras and let's go inside a world of fantasy and romance.

We all know that soap operas are notorious for featuring conflict, jealousy, cheating, lying, deceit and even murder. What about behind the scenes? How does the cast really get along? Does art imitate life on the set of "Oblivion"? When the director calls "action", he may get more than he bargained for. Will one of the characters steal the show, or somebody's belongings? Will the drop dead gorgeous simply drop dead?

It will be up to you and your table of fellow sleuths to discover who could commit such crimes. So, think of a clever name for your table, er, detective agency and listen carefully for clues. At the designated time, your agency will be asked to formulate a question that your delegated chief detective may ask a suspect. Once all tables have completed their questioning, each detective agency will submit a solution sheet indicating "who done it" and why. The first agency to determine the most correct motive and culprit wins.


Christina Carlucci

Playing the sweet and fluffy Tiara Misu on "Oblivion", she is more like "Death by Chocolate" behind the scenes. This tempestuous actress is very showy and you may regret that you ever came in contact with her! Is she a mere tart with Italian dressing? Will she cook up a murder? Will she get her just desserts?

Charlotte Queensbury

Originally from the Queen City, Charlotte has become show business royalty by playing the ambitious Iona Porsche on the soap opera. Will someone "crown" her? Will her scepter fall...on someone's head? Will she run away with Prince Charles?

Tiffany Topaz

She plays a character by the same name on the soap because she was unable to remember who she was playing. This jewel is a few carats short of a cluster. Will Tiffany go for broke? Will her choker choke her or will she ring someone's neck?

Reggie Reggae

Nick Calypso on "Oblivion", he is originally from Jamaica, mahn, and has always danced to a different beat. Will he escape someone's murderous grasp in the "nick" of time or will he face the music? Is there a reason why the cast dreads seeing his dreadlocks coming?

Lance Spearmint

This former chewing gum spokes model thinks he's hot playing Trevor Grant on "Oblivion." Why are some folks "wintergreen" with envy? Will Lance find himself in a sticky situation? Will he make a mint by selling out one of his colleagues? Will someone burst his bubble?

Papa Razzi

Is there anyone actors love to hate more than those camera toting, flash popping members of the guerilla journalism team? They need the exposure, but do the negatives outweigh the positives? Papa is the picture perfect portrait of his breed.

Stan Stillman

Will the director of "Oblivion" stand still while his cast keels over? Will he and Tiffany be able to stand each other much longer? Will his job change to funeral director before the night is over?

fan of the soap opera