• "I wanted to tell you what a fantastic performance you and the "It's A Mystery" troupe did for the Aventis group! I have been singing your praises ever since."

    ~ Debbie Long, Meetings and More
  • "We are certain we can speak for everyone who witnessed your "Motivation for Murder" when we say that your performance was truly enjoyed and definitely exceeded our expectations. I can even truthfully say that it was the best performance I have ever seen of a murder mystery."

    ~ Shirley Ray, Philip Morris
  • "Thank you for a delightful evening of entertainment! You all were truly crowd pleasers."

    ~ Tori Knight, Cardinal Club
  • "Talk about a successful evening! Everyone appreciated the format change and the fresh idea of a dinner are really a professional, first class group, and we are glad to have the chance to share an evening with you."

    ~ Sandy Osborne, Executive Women International
  • "The entire evening was amazing. What impressed me the most was that you were able to weave in facts about our group - names, what we do, our personalities - after speaking with me for just a few minutes prior to the show. You made each "factoid" fit into the story line seamlessly. The personalization really made the dinner "ours" - that was great!
    Thank you for making our CSC Appreciation Dinner so special and so much fun!" (read full review)

    ~ Trisha D. Simpson, Manager, Global Data Standards, Schwarz BioSciences, Inc.
  • "It's a Mystery - Dinner Theatre. Buyer says it was the one of the most successful nights in the history of the club. She gave Marjorie and her crew an A++! A "can't lose" type event for your cc's, etc. Marjorie will make you a hero. And - make it easy for you."

    ~ Barry Herndon, EastCoast Entertainment
  • "The client Betty Jones, left me a message on Saturday morning saying that when she & her husband arrived home, their phone rang off the hook with guests raving about the Murder Mystery!!! We should receive lots of press from her spreading the word in town!"

    ~ Kay Thompson, Berry Hill Plantation in South Boston, VA
  • "I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for such a successful dinner/entertainment event last night. Everyone in our group was still talking and laughing about it today. I had not told anyone what we were doing. They were all so curious and nervous at the beginning when the programs were handed out and the actors joined us for the reception. They were concerned as to what they might be required to do. Our colleagues from England had never seen such an event. They loved it! While they were talking about it this morning in the Executive area several other Executive Assistants and their Senior Vice Presidents had questions for me regarding what we did and seemed very interested in possibly doing something like this in the future for their groups. I would highly recommend "It's A Mystery.” (read full review)

    ~ Debbie Marshburn, Executive Assistant to Janice M. Whitaker Senior Vice President, GMS Quality GlaxoSmithKline
  • "I just wanted to let you know (again) how much we enjoyed your performance on Saturday night. I have been getting phone calls and emails today telling us how much fun everyone had. Amy said at her church yesterday (there were 27 members here) that everyone was coming up to her talking about it. Again, thanks for a SUPER show!" (read full review)

    ~ Christy and Amy, Dennis Vineyards
  • "Oh My Gosh!! What an evening everyone had on Saturday night!! This was such a superb show! I just don't have enough adjectives to describe the entire evening. The way you can "go with the flow" of the crowd is phenomenal. We just want you to know how much we appreciate you guys. The evening was absolutely PERFECT!!!" (read full review)

    ~ Christy Crisco, Dennis Vineyards
  • "The next day the group was still talking about the fun they had. Thank you for coming and I hope that will not be the last time that I get to see y'all perform (smile)."

    ~ Vel Sanders, RN, BSN, MSA, COHN-S, GSK Clinical Coordinator, Zebulon EHM
  • "People were still commenting on the show the next day and how much fun it was. I appreciate all your work - it certainly helped me look good, and I will certainly recommend you to anyone looking for a different type of entertainment."

    ~ Heidi Johnston, Senior Project Management Coordinator, Project, Management - CVT and Diabetes, Quintiles, Inc
  • "Thanks for the amazing performance last night. You helped make our fundraising event a huge success! The caliber of the performance, as well as the format, was a huge improvement over the group we hired last year for our murder mystery were worth every penny!"

    ~ Angela Moya, Medical Alliance of the Piedmont
  • "Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. I’m glad I got to experience a Murder Mystery put on by your group of wonderful professionals.
    I look forward to referring you to prospective planners in the future."

    ~ Tammy Jeffries, Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • "A year ago my boyfriend and I stayed at a bed and breakfast for a murder mystery weekend…and we were disappointed. Two nights before I saw your production, we had attended a murder mystery dinner in Virginia…and we were VERY disappointed. Having almost given up on murder mystery theater, I attended your production because I already had the ticket….and I’m so glad I did! It was a MOST enjoyable event; the actors were entertaining and interactive. Thank you for a great time and for restoring my interest in murder mystery theatre!" (read full review)

    ~ Sharon D. Rogers, PhD, LAT, ATC, Assistant Professor, Department of Health Education and Promotion, Athletic Training Education Programs, East Carolina University
  • I wanted to take a moment to thank you, Will, Wiley, Knowie, Bookie, Scarlett and Frank (that’s the way we’ll always remember you). Our employees had a blast last night. They all came in this morning talking about how much fun the event was. You and your cast did an amazing job; the personalization was awesome. You exceeded all expectations for entertaining us. Thanks again!!

    ~ Betty, Proponent Federal Credit Union